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We are a group of compassionate and highly skilled therapists who are dedicated to helping you successfully handle life's daily and long-term challenges. Our licensed psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors are very experienced at helping you meet your goals.

Helping you to face the challenges in life...

We assist children, youth, and adults with a broad range of concerns. These include:

Abuse • Adoption • Alcohol and Drug Problems • Anger and Conflict Resolution• Anxiety and Fears • Asperger's and Autistic Spectrum Disorders • Attention Problems and Hyperactivity • Caregiver Needs • Career Concerns • Child, Adolescent, and Family Issues•Depression and Mood Changes • Divorce and Separation • Eating Disorders • Gay and Lesbian Issues • Geriatric Challenges • Grief/Loss • Life Transitions • Parenting Concerns • Relationships Issues • Sexual Dysfunction • School Difficulties • Stress Management •Trauma • Women's and Men's Issues

We are also uniquely qualified to help people successfully cope with medical concerns that affect the quality of their life. Ongoing medical problems impact your emotions and the emotional toll of chronic illness or pain may, in turn, affect your physical health. Our therapists have special training in behavioral medicine and can help you maintain wellness and successfully cope with the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical issues including:

CancerDisabilityGastric BypassInfertility and Pregnancy LossPain ManagementSleep Difficulties

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